Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Just a quick catch-up - some interesting speed-links: Kayaking history on the Faroe Islands, some TV footage from Stora Dimun, and a great website with information on all the small cities and villages spread over the islands.

Previous expeditions:

This is a list of the previous expeditions that i know of - there may be more (if you know of one not listed below, write a comment on it)

TV footage from Stora Dimun

This sunday evening, i got the chance to see a danish TV programme by Søren Ryge, about the sheep farmers living on "Stora Dimun" on the Faroes. This really got me excited about getting there - we're talking only 15 days until departure today. Great footage of the shoreline, including what's probably the only possible landing spot on that little island. During some of the interviews, it looks like tide currents are appearing quite visibly on the sea in the background.

Last, i found a great overview of the the villages and cities on the Faroe Islands, written by a local guy now living in Denmark. He's maintaining the page as a hobby project - nonetheless, great work.

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