Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We arrived on mykines today, in an exciting way, have been paddeling in fog all day so we havent seen much of Faroe Islands, just grey grey and some black, something expected to be the shoreline :-)

When we arrived to Mykines habour we couldn´t see 30 m ahead and didn´t know how the habour looks like and we could hear big waves breaking onto a reef just out side the habour so we limped in until we could see the surf an didn´t know what to expect on the otherside more rocks or ???

Tue snook in and after a while he could see shipmasts an we went trough an we saw the concret wall of the habour and a big stone lifted from our hearts but our troubles wasnt over next problem was safe landing of the kayaks in the surge of the swells on slippery rocks and concret walls, but Tue stepped up to the plate and showed some guts and secured both of us a safe landing. now we were sitting in mykines in with Dánjal Danielsen an his family drinking tEA and listening to Faroes stories.

Jónvá (Dánjal´s wife) is sending a greeting to all the mothers, wifes an children left at home.

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