Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tide water

Tide water must be taken into account in the route planning for this trip. Fortunately, this is somewhat predictable - we have been looking into the Faroe Islands tide water pilot book - and with help from a kind local, we're able to read it now.

During the trip, the moon phases add to, or subtract from the daily low/high tide as follows:
  • Half moon; 26. july. Neap tide (least difference between low and high tide).
  • New moon; 1. august. Spring tide (largest difference between low and high tide).
  • Half moon; 9. august. Neap tide.
  • Full moon; 16. august. Spring tide.
Tuesday this week we took a very thorough look on maps and tide tables, and came up with possible route plans. We have a rough idea about the route now - the intention is to evaluate those plans with locals (kayakers, fishermen) before we're afloat.

This weekend, we're going for the last training trip, near Esbjerg on the danish west coast. Currently, there's a 2 metres difference between flood and ebb water levels, and the forecast is currents of 1½ knots - however, mostly in narrow channels of water, as much of the area is rather shallow water.

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