Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ready for some action

We're now ready to head out on the the first paddle. Again, there's fog (this time in Torshavn) so we'll wait for better sight before leaving.

Yesterday we finally made it to Torshavn! We quickly fetched the kayaks and all the other gear from the Smyril Line Cargo terminal, and transported it to the local Scout group's house.

All saturday evening and saturday was spent re-packing the gear, and we were actually hoping to get on the water around high water slack this afternoon -- but thick fog and clouds stopped that plan. On the good side, it gives us more time to check maps, and do some route planning.

We can be contacted on mobile +298 593751 while we're here - and we'll check up on email now and the. Comments on the blog are now moderated, so please keep them coming, and have a little patience!

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys.

Just a big ol' "Bon voyage" from Aalborg, Denmark. Had a look at "This is the sea 3" this morning, and the scenery from the Faroe Islands looks nothing but amazing.

Looking forward to reading more about your expedition.

"Call on God, but paddle away from the rocks"