Wednesday, August 6, 2008

News from Stora Dimun

We had a chance to use Eva and Jógvan's internet connection from Stora Dimun (big thanks!) to upload new photos - check the photo album.

Since we left Fugloy, we have been paddling some "bigger seas", and we're becoming mentally accustomed to that now, after a few days. Of course, it demands attention to keep the course, but as the swell isn't breaking, the kayaks are just lifted up and down. Sometimes, we can't see each other even though we paddle quite close - so it requires some attention - but all the hours spent in the surf on the danish west coast really pays off, allowing us to relax and paddle quite efficiently.

We have eaten approximately half-way through the food we brought with us, and we're getting to the point where we really enjoy whenever we can get something different - a slice of bread, potatoes, fresh-brewed coffee - when you don't get it every day, you learn to appreciate it!

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