Friday, August 8, 2008

Victory! We're back in Torshavn!

Just a short update - this morning we left Sandvik, as the fog and rain cleared. We had a loong paddle to the top of Sandoy (basically, a 35 km crossing with two possible exits mid-way) in really calm weather. Most of the time, the sea was flat as a mirror, and we chatted and had moments of our own during the four hours - both committed to the same goal, and thinking about what was to be next.

As we rounded the nort-east corner of Sandoy, we discussed options, got an updated weather forecast and decided to go all the way for Torshavn today. The forecast was easterly winds picking up tonight, which wasn't in our favour for the last part of the trip. We had a bite of bread, some trail mix, and water - and called a few people to let them know of the plan. A newspaper journalist would interview us, and we had a chat with the Faroe Islands helicopter rescue service. One of their pilots (also a sea kayaker) wrote a mail that he'd photograph us from the helicopter if he could find us - so we gave him directions for where we were going, and hoped for the best.

Around 45 minutes later, a helicopter started circling the area, and after flying 4 km north of us, it made another pass and spotted us -- we were all smiles as the helicopter was hovering 50 meters above us, with the photographer hanging out of the door.

The rest of the paddle was spent with talking, and digesting the fact that we were getting close to the goal. It was important for us not to loose our heads in all the joy, because the last few kilometers was with heavy ship traffic - but also, it was magnificent to see Torshavn appear in the distance, and think about the adventure that had been completed.

After a succesfull landing, we're now getting ready to sort out all the gear, have a shower, and make a plan for the next week's activities (which will certainly include some paddling!). More blog updates (including photos) are also awaiting.

Thanks to the wifes at home for letting us get out and play - to all the kind people we've met during our trip, who provided help, shelter, food, guidance and encouragement. Without you, we wouldn't have made it!


Henrik Olesen said...

I gjorde det sgu !
Måske er der en større sejr, som først kan komme til syne nu, hvor I har nået Jeres mål: Jeres beslutning om at efterlade forbeholdene og være 100% tilstede i hvert nu's udfordring - ikke bare Jeres fundament for at vinde, men også en kæmpeinspiration for mange af os, der har fulgt Jeres færd i høj og i lav sø.
Leg videre !
Mange hilsner og tillykke fra
Henrik og Lone

Tommy Mikkelsen said...

Sådan !!! Tillykke.