Monday, August 11, 2008

This week's plan

A short update - Jesper is out on a short paddle with one of the helicoptor pilots from the Faroe Islands rescue service. He took photos of us from the air, shortly before we finished in Thorshavn, ve're looking forward to see what we look like, seen from a 30 m above with wind and water spraying in our faces!

We're now ready to see some of the Faroe Islands from the land side - we've rented a small car (which has already been converted to gear-hauling vehicle). Today, we're going to Vestmanna for a two-day hike. We'll get a chance to visit friends and family, and by the end of this week we're planning a day in the kayaks, before everything is packed for shipping on friday.


okvalle said...

I found your webaddress in one geocache log. Thanks for visiting my caches!


Janne said...

Hej Jesper og Tue,

Sejt sejt sejt gået! Glæder mig til at høre og se meget mere om jeres fantastiske tur!

Klem fra Janne